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Compare and contrast

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Compare and contrast


Drugs have left our society striving to find a solution or ways to eliminate it. A controversial issue has been lingered on for years, whether drugs should be legalized or not. William Bennett and Milton Friedman are toe people who are aiming for the same goal; that is to eliminate drugs, crimes, and addicts, but yet, they have different approach on attacking this problem. They both have their agreements on the affect of drugs and yet their disagreements differ dramatically.

Milton Friedman, a Noble Prizewinner for his "monetary" and also an author of "Prohibition and Drugs", believe that drugs should be legalized (pg. 931). Yet, his opponent William Bennett who have a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Texas and also have a law degree at Harvard and the author of "Should Drugs Be Legalized?" is total against legalizing drugs. I will compare and contrast the two author's arguments.

They have very few agreements. Some agreements that they agree on are about the affect drugs have on people and society. They both agree that drugs are a scourge that is devastating our society (pg.934). Also they agree that drugs are running the lives of many young people (pg. 934).

In "An Open Letter to Bill Bennett", Friedman address Bennett mistake in failing to see the many problem drugs will create if drugs were to be legalized. One problem that Friedman points out is black marketing. He believes that by making drug legal, there will be sold in regulated stores and it will be easier to get access to.

On the other hand Bennett see by legalizing drugs there will still be black markets. If drugs were to be legalized then only those who are at the age can purchase drugs. The question is what about teenagers and children? Therefore there will still be black markets to cover those children.

Through Bennett and Friedman feels different about the decreases and increases of black markets, what they do agree on is, there will still be black markets regardless drugs should be legalized or not. They both also agree on that black markets creates

Pushers who persuades innocent victims to use drugs which lead to crime and addictions.

Bennett pointed out a fact about the reduction in drug using. From "The National Institute on Drug Abuses", latest survey of current users shows a 37% decrease in drug consumption since 1985. Cocaine is down 50%; marijuana use among young people is at the lowest rate since 1972" (pg.931). He's proving here that ever since 1972, Americans have been fighting against drugs and he sees the progress.

Though Bennett acknowledged us with that fact, Friedman believes that decriminalizing is even more urgent than in 1972. He also believes that what had happened in the past can not be solved immediately, but it takes time. By postponing decimalization will only makes matter worse and it's hard to keep track according to Friedman. Therefore legalizing drug is even in more demand.

This point leads us to Bennett point about drug 's war. Bennett believes that if drugs were to be legalized it, we are surrendering. After the long hard fight, we should not surrender now. He suggested what we need for this fight is more citizens to be involve with this war.

Friedman see legalizing drugs does not what so ...

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