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Compare And Contrast The United States Bill Of Rights And The Texas Bill Of Rights

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Our founding fathers thought it best for the United States that they create a country based on freedom and rights, than being ruled in absolute tyranny. In result the Constitution was written. When writing this document many issues were raised in thought of the future of our country in terms of powers and rights. They made the document flexible so that future generations could amend it to the times. The first of these amendments were not but a few years afterwards. These first ten amendments were called the Bill of Rights. In the State of Texas its constitution also has an article entitled The Bill of Rights. But even thought the amendments and ideas work toward the same goals, they are also differing from one another.
The founding fathers of this country and the people who wrote the state constitution were a lot alike in their way of thinking. They both wanted to be recognized as an individual body of government. Both, the founders of the constitution and the writers of the state constitution were set in the same frame of mind when they wrote the constitution. The United States was in the aftermath of breaking apart from England and Texas was hurt from the break up of the confederation. Their mind set was the same, in that they wanted to be different. But in a sense they wanted the best for the people.
When the founders of the constitution and the writers of the state constitution wrote this document, there were a lot of similarities. Since the idea and ...

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