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Community 2000

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Community 2000

Community 2000

Communicating in the 20th century is no problem. There are various ways to get in touch with someone. In fact, it seems as if a new way of communicating comes up every year, and each new way makes the last one seem obsolete. People can communicate by mail, telephone, facsimile, electronic mail, chat rooms, and conference programs such as AOL'' instant messenger and internet relay chat. Some ways are quick; some are not. Some ways are cheap; some are not. One way of communicating quickly and cheaply is via the internet. Through the internet ''Virtual communities'' are created. The question is which are better, ''Virtual communities'' or real communities.

Virtual communities are built upon common interests. When you go online you can find a chat room based upon your interest. There you meet other people and discuss that interest. Although you have never met these people you get along because you have the same interest.

Real communities are based upon interest as well, but unlike virtual communities, real communities can be assembled upon things other than interest. Rarely do you see a virtual community constructed on something other than interest. Real communities can be created upon shared experiences, common friends and family, and activities that are not possible to occur over the internet.

It is impossible to go through an experience such as golfing with another or seeing a movie with another in a virtual community. We remember when that guy fell over in the middle of the aisle at the movies or when our friend laughed so hard that their drink came out their nose. These experiences are what we bond to and relate with others. Have you ever noticed that when you first meet someone you chat about basically nothing? This is because you don't have much in common and share no past experiences. Once you do things with that person you have common experiences to talk about. This rarely happens on the internet.

On the other hand, virtual communities are easily accessible. If you are having a problem and can''t find the answer, you can easily find it online. If you want to discuss the football game with or talk about the latest New York Times bestseller, you can find someone online. If you need ...

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