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Social Issues

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I. Description of Communist Problem
is a system of government where all the countries major resources in the are controlled by the Federal Government (Encarta). It is based on the principal that everyone gives the same and everyone receives the same amount of stuff. No one gets any more or any less. In theory, everyone provides the equal amount of work and gains the equal amount of benefits. This government also entails the abolishment of private property (Encarta). Anyone with extra needs, such as retardation, pushes the system out of balance causing the economy to be strained.
II. Final Review
Modern Communism was created by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles. They wanted to create a society where social class would disappear and humans would live in harmony and tranquillity. They used science and logic to devise a government where they could complete their goal (Grollier, CD-ROM). They thought that conflict between opposing forces rooted in the economic system and the ownership of property. So, they thought, if we abolish the need for property and wealth, we can bring about world peace. Their answer was the government known today as communism. Almost every modern form of communism is based on Marx's and Engles ideas and writings.

So then I thought, why isn't communism an effective government? Then I thought that since communism was derived from logic and science, it must not have human nature factored into its fragile equation. Well then I looked at the Russian Government and thought about what led to its downfall. Then I remembered the corrupt government and the lack of food. In addition the unmotivated work force and the crime rate, all of these reasons led to the fall of the Russian Government.

The Communist government in Russia was a very corrupt government. Some government officials gave themselves high salaries and large houses. They kept things for themselves that were meant for others. Thus, everyone else payed the consequences. Then, the government started to send more and more of its resources to the military and itself, more and more people were starving on the streets.

In the Russian Communist government people worked of a fixed pay wage. They all got the same amount for whatever work they did. So, some people slacked off and worked very little. This set the system out of balance, because the same amount of cash was flowing out with not as many goods flowing back in. Thus, there was not enough capital to pay every single person the same wage, and so more people fell into poverty and starved.

With the people in poverty and the almost hopeless population, some people resorted to stealing other peoples food rations, money, or clothing. Most offenders were family men or teenagers forced to steal for a living. Most did not steal to get ahead but they stole because they had nothing to lose by doing so. So, one could say, Communism forced them to be thieves. The crime rate also made people very paranoid and hostile. These feelings turned to frustration with their lives. This made the people want reform and in 1991 that is what they got.

In 1991 Gorbachev was removed from office and Boris Yeltsen was appointed the leader of Russia. The government in Russia is still trying to recover from its earlier troubles but, it is recovering.

It seems that the majority of people in my area are against communism. Of the two I talked to, none of them found someway to make the government work. None of them found communism a government something they would like. Each of my interview-e's thought that communism was a good government in theory but, agreed it doesn't work in the real world.

III. Presentation and Analysis of Data

During my research, I interviewed a few people from my community. I interviewed a teacher and a parent. One, is called "Sudo" he is a history teacher from my current school. The parent is a person named "Anne." She is from my very neighborhood. She has lived though most of the cold war.

I asked the people I interviewed what their opinion of communism was. Sudo said that his opinion was, " Not very good!"("Sudo," interview 1). Anne said that, "communism seems limited to me" ("Anne," interview 2). I agree with them because communism is affected by the slightest imbalance. It will fall apart if any outside condition affects it.

Next I asked the people interviewed if human nature and ...

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