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Communism 2

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The doctrine of the rights of man was faulty, according to Marx, because none of the supposed rights of man, go beyond the egoistic man, man as he is, as a member of civil society; that is, an individual separated from the community, withdrawn into himself, wholly preoccupied with his private interest and acting in accordance with his private caprice. Thus man was not liberated from religion, he received religious liberty. He was not liberated from property, he received the liberty to own property. He was not liberated from the egoism of business, he received the liberty to engage in business.
For Marx, freedom of religion or the freedom to own property are hollow
freedoms, or at least grossly inadequate stepping stones to something better: "political emancipation itself is not human emancipation. [B]ourgeois 'freedom of conscience' is nothing but the toleration of all possible kinds of religious freedom of conscience, and that for its part [socialism] endeavors rather to liberate the conscience from the witchery of religion." (Critique of the Gotha Program). Rather than advocating freedom for all
people, liberals really value only the freedom of the ruling class of capitalist society.
Marx accuses the liberal ...

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