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Different types of communication happen together or simultaneously. For example, you may read a memo (written) to a person in a meeting (interpersonal) while you are sitting in a chair, grimacing (nonverbal). However, by recognizing the modes in which you are communicating, you are better able to choose strategies to communicate more effectively. For instance, let's take the scenario that I just described. Perhaps I am unhappy about the memo, but I do not want the others in the meeting to realize that I am not pleased. By paying attention to my nonverbal communication, I can adjust my unwanted nonverbal communication and more effectively send my message to the others in the room.
Those who study the communication process identify five key components of communication:
1. STIMULUS ? some event or action that creates a need to communicate. For example, you?ve just been promoted ? you need to tell someone! Or, you witness a crime ? the police want as much information as you can provide.
2. FILTER ? each person's unique impression of reality. We all bring a set of filters and biases to each situation; they determine how we 'see? things and how we react to them. Since no two of us have had _exactly_ the same life experiences, we each bring a different perspective to things. Language is comprised of hundreds of words that can mean different things to different people. Some common filters include: age, gender, education level, status or authority levels, past experience, level of knowledge about the subject matter.
3. MESSAGE ? composed of verbal and non-verbal symbols, this is the information you?re trying to transmit. Words alone are often not enough ? we use body language, volume of voice, pace, tone, color, formatting tools and a host of other techniques to help insure that our message is understood.
4. MEDIUM ? the ...

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