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Common Problem Faced In First Time College Students

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When I was in the eleventh grade, I thought I was taking an easy to pass English course. When I got there, I realized it wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. Reading this article - 'How To Say Nothing in Five Hundred Words' by Paul Roberts - reminds me of that class. In this essay he explains restraints keeping first time college students from being successful writers. Everything this article says you shouldn't do, I did.
This entire essay was extremely beneficial to me. There were a few recommendations Roberts hinted at that I found the most useful. ' Take the Less Usual Side' was the most interesting. Basically this section of the essay, Roberts thinks if you take the opposite side of an issue than every one else in your class, your paper will have a better chance of getting the ideal grade. This idea is a common sense idea that I just never thought about. Maybe that's why I found it to be the most contributive idea in this essay.
Perhaps the reason why I the article talking about taking the least obvious point of view is my first choice is because this is something I never did while attending High School. The entire time I was in High School, everything I did was the effortless. I would write whatever the Teacher explained as an example. The grades I received on my essays were never failing. Although they weren't my best. I honestly thought my teacher would think my essays were exceptional. I despised writing essays because I thought I was so disgusting at it. In this section, Roberts says 'It will almost always turn out to be easier to write interestingly on that side' (the unusual side). It's always easier to write on the side that first comes to mind. Which just happens to be the most usual side, usually that's whatever the Teacher has given as an example. However, I do agree that when you take this opposite side you would receive a better grade. I just think ...

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