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The climate, however, varies with the elevation. The low regions along the coast
and the deep Pat'a and Magdalena river valleys are torrid, with mean annual
temperatures of 75' to 80' F. From about 1500 to 7500 ft the climate is
subtropical, and from about 7500 to 10,000 ft it is temperate. Above about
10,000 ft is the cold-climate zone, where temperatures range from 0' to 55' F.
The average January and July temperatures in Bogot' are 58' F and 57' F,
respectively. The averages for the same months in Barranquilla are 80' F and 82'
F. Throughout the year, three-month periods of rain and dry weather alternate.
Along the Pacific coast precipitation is heavy. At Bogot' the annual rainfall
averages about 40 in, and in Barranquilla it averages about 32 in. Dry weather
prevails on the slopes of the Eastern Cordillera.


Colombia has a Republican form of government. Colombia has a president who is
elected by popular vote. He is chosen by any man or woman 18 years or older.
The president can serve one four year term. He appoints a cabinet which has to
be approved by congress. Congress is composed of a House of Representatives
(199 members) and a Senate (112 members).

Land Area

The total land area of the country is 440,831 sq. mi. The ...

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