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Colobus Monkey

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Colobus Monkey

In Africa there are many types of animals, one of them is the Colobus Monkey. There are different types of Colobus Monkeys: there is the white Colobus, the red Colobus, and the olive Colobus. The Colobus Monkey is a long tailed tree living primate. The Colobus Monkey can be found all over Africa. The Monkey's hair color varies from were the live. The Colobus Monkey is very unique. It comes in many types of color, is very active in social behavior and is very smart as shown in their lifestyle.
The Colobus Monkey comes in many unique colors. The black and white Colobus is found across the equator of Africa. There are five species, among which the color varies from all black to a skunklike black and white pattern. Black and white Colobus monkeys weigh up to nine kg, or twenty pounds. They live in small social groups of about ten animals, that includes one adult male plus females and their offspring.
The red Colobus Monkey is found across Africa from Zanzibar to Senegal. Their color is highly variable, ranging from a bright white and red in the monkeys of Eastern Africa to a dark gray and orange in Western African monkeys. They also weigh up to nine kg, or twenty pounds. Males are usually bigger than females. The red Colobus lives in large groups of up to one hundred individuals, including mostly males. It is a major prey of the chimpanzee in forest, where they both live.
The olive Colobus is found in the forest of coastal West Africa. It is the most drably colored of the African Colobus Monkey, being a fairly uniform gray-brown. It weighs only ten pounds and lives in groups of six to eight individuals. After giving birth, the females sometimes carry their infants in their mouths. The red Colobus is a little bit smaller than the black and white group. The olive Colobus is the smallest of all at only four hundred fifty-mm. head and body length. ?The Colobus Monkey doesn't live in very many places. The Colobus Monkey lives in the tropical areas and forest. They are found in the tropical region of Africa.? ( This backups information on where the primate is located.
All three species can be grossly classified as primarily frusluogous and insectiuonous, which means they eat mostly, flowers and fruits, although some buds and leaves are eaten by all. ?Colobus means ?mutilated? it refers to the thumb. The Colobus Monkey does not have a thumb in stead it is usually just a bump. ?The name ?colobus? is derived from the Greek word ?mutilated?. (home....

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