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College Application Essay: Influence Of My Academic Interest In Education

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An experience that significantly influenced my academic interest in education stems from the death of my uncle. In today's society, students spend more time at school than at home. Therefore, teachers must be in-tune with their students. If teachers cared more about their students and wanted to make a difference in their lives, then maybe my uncle would be here today.
My uncle started showing interest in drugs when he was about sixteen. He was living with my parents and going to high school in Houston. He lived with my parents because his parents had divorced the previous year and my grandmother thought that he would be better off living with my mom and dad. My parents were still young and were totally oblivious to the fact that something was changing in my uncle's personality. He started using illegal substances occasionally and then he was introduced to more harmful and more addictive drugs. He would read books about becoming a pharmacist and it was very obvious that his knowledge of drugs would either get him into trouble or make him successful. He was a full time student, but he was on the wrong road and his teachers had no idea. If only one teacher had taken the initiative to try to help my uncle with his interest in pharmaceuticals, maybe he could have used his knowledge in a positive way. Teachers are supposed to be role models and people that ...

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