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Informative Speech Outline

Specific purpose: I will inform my audience about British rock band Coldplay.

Central idea: The history of British rock band Coldplay, its career and music style.


I. Yellow. Clocks. Fix you. Viva La Vida. Paradise. These are the song titles from the famous rock band Coldplay

II. I would like to share information about British alternative rock band Coldplay.

III. My connection with band dates back to the time when I was only 12 years old and since then my appreciation of the group has grown and their songs have inspired me.

IV. Tonight I would like to share information about band's career path, their success and the music they make.

(Now let me begin with introduction of the band's timeline)

I. Coldplay's career path, from the time of band's formation until now.

A. Coldplay, British alternative ...

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