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Cocaine-a powerful central nervous system stimulant-has been a big problem for the Drug Enforcement Agency(DEA) in south Florida since the 1960s. Drug cartels ship coke to the United States frequently, Miami being the main port. Cocaine has several nicknames: C, cream, snow, powder, and blow. This drug doesn't only affect the user but can also affects who ever is around the user.

Cocaine isn't just a problem in south Florida, but it's a problem worldwide. Through an investigation a solution will be proposed to slowing down cocaine from being imorted into southern Florida.

In the mid-19th century a German chemist, Albert Niemann, first extracted pure cocaine from the leaf of the Erythroxylon coca bush and used it in elixur form in medicines to treat a wide variety of illnesses. Later it was used as a local anethetic for eye, ear, and throat surgery. Now it has been replaced by synthetic local anesthetics and is only used for recreational purposes only. Coke can be smoked, snorted, rubbed onto the gums, and rubbed into the mouth, rectum, or vagina.

Coke even effects the innocent. Little children have been abducted, ...

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