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Cloning 3

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Cloning 3

Cloning humans is a threat to our society. It presents a vast number of problems that arise with each new discovery. The first is the decrease in distinct genetic make-up. Cloning also brings up many ethical points dealing with creation and psychological well being of clones. Cloning is such a new area of study that it requires a large amount of money and offers a lot of room for mistakes.

The biggest problem with the use of cloning is the decline in genetic

diversity. The biological definition of a clone is "an organism that has the same genetic information as another organism or organisms". This means that gene donors would obviously have the exact same DNA as their clones. If large groups of people have the same genetic information, a disease could instantaneously wipe out the entire population.

Our genetic make-up is what makes us unique. It gives us a sense of

individuality and distinctiveness. If many people had the same DNA, how would we preserve our diversity and sense of self?

Human cloning also raises many ethical and moral issues. Different religious groups regard cloning in different ways, but most agree on one point. Cloning puts the work of God into our own hands. The creation of life then becomes a manufacturing of duplicates instead of a "creative act of God".

It is also important to consider the repercussions of cloning on the cloned individual. Numerous ...

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