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Cigarrete kills

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Cigarrete kills

Cigarette Kills

We all, smokers as well as non-smokers, know smoking. Everyone has his own opinion about it and everyone can also speak about this problem aloud. This is why I have decided to explain my attitude to smoking. Me as a non-smoker strongly encourage people not to smoke and warm then with all the lethal consequences of smoking.

I think smoking is too wide spread vice and too little things have been told about danger and harm of smoking. It is obviously that smoking kills or/and it causes several diseases and health problems, which can lead you to early death.

Today smoking is the most common addiction. There are more have been more researches done studying social and psychological problems that lead people to consume tobacco. There are also researches about consequences of smoking and addiction to it. But the question here is do all people know about this consequences' well the answer is no. In the present there are more ads that encourage people to smoke rather than no to smoke. Every year billions of dollars are spend in this ads and specially focusing then on teenagers since they are the most direct consumer in the society. Teenagers in their early age are vulnerable to bad influences and what the tobacco industry do is to indirectly physiologically condition then to be attracted to cigarettes by using cartoons and cool slogans.

We the non-smokers might be asking each others ''So how come tobacco advertising is legal, if smoking is so bad for you?' Well there are two reasons for this, first because is ironically legal in the constitution of the United States which states the right of freedom of speech. The second reason is mainly because of money, tobacco company spend millions on lobbying congress ...

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