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Christopher Columbus Voyage

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Christopher Columbus Voyage

1. Purpose: The Purpose of our expedition is to discover a faster route to the East Indies than what current path there is. I plan on the Voyage to take approximately two weeks give or take a day. Recommended way to finance us by Ferdinand and Isabella by making the city of Palos pays back a debt to the crown then by providing two of the ships, and by getting Italian financial backing for part of the expenses. Then the crown would have to pay very little.

2. Food:

A) 500 Gallons Water

B) 10 Gallons Vinegar

C) 60 Bottles Wine

D) 30 Gallons Olive Oil

E) 5 Gallons Molasses

F) 50 pounds Cheese

G) 1 Gallon Honey

H) 20 pounds Raisins

I) 100 pounds Rice

J) 5 Jars Garlic

K) 10 Jars Almonds

L) 10 Dozen Sea Biscuits

M) 30 Pounds Dry Legumes EX: Chick Peas, Lentils, Beans

N) 4 Barreled Sardines

O) 3 Barreled Anchovies

P) 100 pounds Dry Salt Cod

Q) 200 pounds Pickled Beef and Pork

3. Equipment:

A) A fat and slow, designed for hauling cargo with at 18 meter lengths, keel length at 12 meters, beam 6 meters, and a depth of 3 meters from keel to deck and has to have three masts (fore, main, and mizzen), each of which carry one large sail. The foresail and mainsail need to be square; the sail on the mizzen, or rear, mast needs to be a triangular sail known as a lateen. In addition, the ship carry a small square sail on the bowsprit, and small topsail on the mainmast above the mainsail.

B) A caravel, a smaller, lighter, and faster ship than the First Ship about length of 17 meters, keel length 13 meters, beam 5 meters, and depth 2 meters with three masts, and most likely carry sails ...

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