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Christmas Gifts You Love (to Hate)

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Christmas Gifts You Love (to Hate)
Christmas. The most exciting and anticipated holiday of the year. A time
when visions of sugar plums--or stereos, new cars, the latest computer, and
various other desirable and expensive gifts--dance through our heads.
Unfortunately the reality of Christmas gift-giving is often a far cry from our
When we're children, it seems as the holidays approach that anything is
possible. But as we mature and gain experience with this annual observance it
eventually begins to dawn on us that it might not always be all it's cracked up
to be. By the time we've reached our late teens--when, coincidentally, the
potential for receiving truly outstanding gifts is optimized--we realize that
Christmas gifts are seldom what we hope for. In fact, from year to year it
becomes possible to actually predict the kinds of gifts you'll unwrap on
Christmas morning. Let's look at a few examples.

The Necessity Gift

The necessity gift is one that always seems like a really great idea to
your mother or grandmother, but which is invariably a big yawn to unwrap. Let's
be realistic, how excited is anybody likely to get over a dozen pairs of
matching socks, a hairbrush, winter gloves or underwear? Slipper Sox, new sheet
sets and toothbrushes also qualify. After unwrapping such a gift, a person is
likely to exclaim: "Gosh, you shouldn't have!" And mean it.

The Token Gift

The Token Gift might be received from almost anyone. Though it seems like
an intimate friend or close relative wouldn't stoop so low, experience proves
that token gifts take up where imagination and/or money leaves off. So it's
possible to receive these kinds of gifts from the most unexpected sources.
One present in this category is the ever popular "soap-on-a-rope." I've
never seen these marketed in June. But come early November the soap factories
undoubtedly pay double-double overtime to their workers in order to meet the
vast holiday demand for nameless, pungent-smelling brown soap manufactured over
the top of what appears to be a six-foot-long shoe-string. A note of caution:
Soap-on-a-rope should ...

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