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Christianity and buddhism

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Christianity and buddhism

Christianity became the religion of Emperor Constantine and the official religion of the Roman Empire in 395. Christianity strongly advocates acts of kindness, compassion and good deeds. John the Baptist encouraged the people to share with others what you have. He preached non-violence and inspired people to be content and satisfied within their means. He preached the repentance of sins and the coming of Jesus.

Jesus preached forgiveness and tolerance. He did not believe in condemning people for their sins, for if you judge people you cannot love them.

In my opinion, the principles of Christianity relate to the teachings of Hinduism and Buddhism. "Karma" is intentional action, that is, a deed done deliberately through body, speech or mind. Karma means good and bad volition. In other words, Karma is the law of moral causation. It is action and reaction in the ethical realm. It is natural law that every action produces a certain effect. So if one performs wholesome actions such as donating money to charitable organizations, one will experience happiness. On the other hand, if one perform unwholesome actions, such ass killing a living being, one will experience suffering. This is the law of cause and effect at work. In this way, the effect of one's past karma determine the nature of one's present situation in life.

The Buddha said,

"According to the seed that is sown,

So is the fruit you reap

The door of good of will gather good result

The door of evil reaps evil result.

If you plant a good seed well,

Then you will enjoyed the good fruits."


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