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Christianity 2

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Christianity 2

Christianity is a religion that is used my many americans, but it is very difficult to understand. It is a religion based on Faith without a rock, with only sand to build, right? Wrong. Your Faith is the rock. Without faith one is unable to engage in christianity, or in a relationship with God. When one becomes a christian, it is his or her responsability to persue his or her beliefs. Many people think that christianity is based on beleiving in a higher being, going to church, and being a nice person. These people are ignorant. There is much more involved in a relationship with God, and Christianity. This essay will take you inside the minds eye of a christians life, love, and Faith in god.

In this segment I will answer some of the questions asked by non-belivers, athiests and users of other religions. Some of these people wonder why Christians could belive in a god that is so cruel as to punish those who do not choose his religion, they have it all wrong. What God did was create a way for people to get to heaven. No one on this earth is free of sin. Before god sacraficed his only son, there was no way anyone could have etearnal life. If anyone sinned, when they died they would go to hell. When god sacraficed his son, his son died for our sins, now when we sin all we have to do is asked to be forgiven by God. When we become christians we create our own path to heaven, and when we die we go to heaven and live happily and eternally with god. So you see God is good, without him everyone would go to hell. Other people wonder how we can be so sure our god exists. Nothing, no religion can be ...

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