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Christian reformation

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Christian reformation

The Protestant Reformation

Many ideas of the Renaissance like humanism, individualism and secularism stimulated a strong critique of the church's policy and the clergy's behaviour. Many people regarded it as a scandal that the catholic church sold indulgences. Indulgences were documents, stamped by the church which could reduce your sins. People who bought indulgences believed that this document could pave their way to heaven. In northern Germany they went so far that they even sold indulgences which could reduce the sins which you are going to commit in the future. They also sold indulgences for the salvation of somebody's dead relatives.

Martin Luther a German priest, who lived in the small city of Wittenberg was the the most famous critic of the corrupt practices of the Catholic church. He wrote his critiques down in 95 theses on a door of a church in Wittenberg. These 95 theses spread quickly all over Germany and parts of northern Europe. ...

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