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Christian Morality

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Christian Morality

Christian Morality.

Moral truth is in objective reality, as Christ taught.

The Basics.

Christ taught that there is a logic to morality defining human

responsibilities based upon the laws of life. Evidence shows

that sin victimizes persons and corrupts minds, but theology

portrays sin as being subjectively arbitrated by God and

therefore in need of being interpreted by those who speak for


The fatalism left the world's moral analysis with a large gap in

it. The gap is in the abstract basics.

Basics are the realities upon which other realities depend.

They create the bedrock of all subjects.

This website defines the basics of morality and builds upon

them to explain moral concepts. A definitive moral analysis is

not produced elsewhere, because theologians do not

understand the abstractions of morality. They use religion to

rationalize the subconscious forces which cause sin rather

than overcome them.

What is often not accepted about morality is its objective

origins, it's social significance and the related human

responsibilities. While some of it is obvious and cannot be

denied, it is not in the theology. For example, bigotry, elitism,

jealousy, domination, exploitation and oppression are not

corrected by theology.

Without a definitive analysis, errors cannot be corrected.

With it, errors cannot be sustained.

In a different way, Christ produced the same subject, but he

could not get very far into philosophical abstractions due to

obvious limitations including an absence of a written medium.

He used parables heavily to stabilize important points in

nonabstract terms.

Reason is the primary human responsibility. Corrupted persons

attack and obstruct the reasoning process. This material

counters the corruption by describing how to add reason to


The validity of moral analysis must be considered in these


Truth is Universal.

There is only one truth, because it is objective and universal.

For example, one and one can only equal two, not three or

anything else.

Christ created the starting point in evaluating moral truth,

and he said we should judge for ourselves what right and

wrong are. (Luke 12:57).

Judging for ourselves does not mean the truth is negotiable

or arbitrary. Quite the contrary, it is invariable. It has origins

in objective reality, which is the same for everyone.

But there are also elements of it that are beyond human

minds. One of Christ's primary purposes was to describe

essential elements of the truth which humans could not


The undeterminable elements of truth are the nonbasic

(perceivable) specifics. Being nonbasic, they cannot be

determined through logic. By contrast, the basics ...

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