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China Birthrate Short Essay

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Beijing: China's current low birth rate may not be sustained due to widening wealth gap and early marriages in rural areas and the world's most populous nation is facing risks of a "population rebound," a senior official has warned.

"Early marriages are still prevailing in some parts of the country, especially in rural areas, which goes against the family planning policy," Director of the National Population and Family Planning Commission (NPFPC), Zhang Weiqing has said.

China's constitution rules that men may marry at 22 and women at 20, while the country's family planning policy, which has been implemented since the 1970s, encourages late marriages and late childbearing, and limits most urban couples to one child and most rural couples to two.

China's widening wealth gap is challenging the country's family planning efforts as its new-rich disdain the decades-old one-child policy to pay to have as many children as they like, Zhang said.

The number of rich people and celebrities having more than one child is on a rapid increase, and nearly 10 per cent of them even have three, according to a recent survey by the NPFPC. Zhang said, young couples, born in the 1970s and 1980s and raised as ...

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