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Children And Television

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The children of America spend their time on many different activities.
One of the most time consuming activities is watching television. Television
plays a large role in the social and emotional development of children today.
One good quality that television has is that it conveys information and
happenings around the world that they may not otherwise know about, but some
people have been questioning whether television does more harm than good. Many
have been analyzing what affect violence in adult shows as well as children's
shows may have on children.
Most parents allow their children to watch so called "kid's shows"
without even thinking about what might be contained within them. How many times
has a certain hunter been seen hunting a certain "wascally wabbit"? Most people
would say "how can a cartoon about a man hunting affect a child?" At first it
may seem that it has no effect, but, looking closer, it is easy to see that Bugs
Bunny has many human traits. Two of these traits are speaking English and
walking upright. Something else that adds to this is that sometimes children
cannot make the distinction between fantasy and reality. Quickly a cartoon
about a man hunting a rabbit can turn into a story of murder. Another cartoon
character that may harm children is Yosimite Sam. When he becomes angry, he
begins to fire his pair of guns into the air and at other characters. This
could cause children to act violently to appease their anger. This includes
hitting and throwing things. This is an extreme view of the situation, but who
is to say that at least part of it is not true?
Children see violence everyday in their cartoons, but what about shows
that ...

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