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Chicken pox

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Chicken pox

Everybody knows what the chicken pox are, they are

when you get bumps all over your body. The cause of the

chicken pox is the virus varicella. Males and females are

both able to get the virus, but children ages five to six are

the most likely to be infected.Like I said chicken pox is caused by the virus

varicella. Chicken pox is very contagious and unless you

got it at birth one attack carries lifelong immunity. The

chain infection is only present if a group of people come in

contact with an infected person or anything the infected

person has come in contact with. It is usually received in

the cooler months of the year and goes away by itself in

two to three weeks. The symptoms of chicken pox is a rash that appears

after about three days. In order it starts at the trunk (the

legs), spreads to the face, and then to the extremities. The

infected person will get to temperatures of one hundred and<...

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