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Chemical warfare

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Chemical warfare

Chemical warfare is war fought with chemicals. The development of chemical weapons and defenses against these weapons are usually considered together in military training. These weapons can be designed to kill large numbers of people, disable them for a while, or destroy their food supplies. The weapons are usually effective without destroying property.

Chemical agents affect the nervous system, breathing centers, skin, eyes, nose, or throat. They include gases, liquids, sprays, and powders. They can even be sprayed by airplanes, dropped as bombs, fired by artillery in explosive shells, or scattered by exploding land mines.

Some chemical agents, called nerve agents can even cause death. They could be colorless, odorless, and tasteless. They can cause death really fast if a person inhales them or if they are splashed on bare skin. Chemical agents have not been used a lot in warfare since World War I ended in 1918. Other chemical agents do not cause death, but they could make a person unable to fight. Some of these are called blister agents, which cause big blisters on your skin. A blister agent called mustard gas caused a lot ...

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