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Chemical And Biological Weapons

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are the most dangerous threats that our
soldiers face today. But just how much do most of us know about them? The
American public had been bombarded by stories of how our government keeps secret
weapons, does secret experiments, and the everlasting conspiracies. And many
accept it all. Rather than simply trusting our government, (which is perhaps as
foolish as believing several unsubstansiated theroies), I've compiled several
simple facts regarding recent and historic developments in chemical and
biological warfare.
Chemical weapons are defined as chemical substances of gas, liquid, or
solid which are used because of a directly toxic effect upon humans, animals, or
plants. Biological weapons are living organisms, whatever their nature, or the
materials that are created because of their use. Biological weapons can cause
disease or death in living organisms, and are depended upon for their further
ability to multiply inside the organism that it attacks. Even though the two
weapons are closely related, chemical weapons are used far more commonly because
they are inexpensive to make and use. Chemical weapons are more dangerous to
America because of the conflicts we have involved ourselves in. Iraq for example,
has a long and extensive history of using chemical weapons. In the 1980's, Iraq
released poisonous gases against Iranian troops. Iraq has even used chemical
weapons against it's own Kurdish citizens to subdue rebellions. As one of the
aftermaths of the Persian Gulf War, however, Iraq agreed to giveup all materials
and equipment for making chemical and biological weapons. An organization called
UNSCOM or United Nations Special Commissions on Iraq was formed to ensure that
Iraq followed through upon it's promises. However, when Lt. Hussein, Saddam
Hussein's son-in-law and director of Iraq's weapons program, defected, it was
found that Iraq had been dishonest in it's reports to UNSCOM. for four years.
Today, everyone has heard even a passing reference to Gulf-War Syndrome. In 1994,
a Congressional report examined eyewitness accounts and declassified operation
logs. They concluded that United States troops were exposed eleven times to
chemical and biological weapons. Yet, two other reports concluded the opposite.
The DSB and IOM reports found that there was no reliable evidence to support
that American troops were exposed to chemical or biological weaponry.
Unfortunately, Iraq is not the only nation using chemical weapons. Former CIA
director, William Webster, has revealed that nearly 20 other nations have the
chemical industry that allows them to make chemical weapons, in fact, many these
countries have even stockpiled these weapons for further use. Several nations,
including the United States, have conventional arms and nuclear weapons.
Numerous Middle Eastern nations feel that since they do not have the same
capabilities or funds, they have the right to make and use chemical weapons in
order to counter our advanced weaponry. Because of the fact that many third
world countries feel the need to make chemical weapons, it is frequently called '
the poor man's atomic bomb.'
Unlike ...

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