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Have you ever sat and watched a football game and saw . Ever consider what they were doing an actual sport? Many people's answers to this question are porbably no, but in this essay I am going to explain why these people are wrong!
According to the dictionary sport is defined as any recreational activity requiring bodily exertion. This is something definatly do! They are required to run, lift,stunt, and still keep a smile on their face while preforming. They sweat just like in other sport.
At our schools when they assigned a student to be in Cheerleading class they put it down as Recreation. So apparently it is some type of sport. Not only do they condiser cheerleading a recreation but they also but them uniforms and jackets just like the school's teams. Just like on a soccer, football, or baseball team the are forced to work together. All going for the same goal, if one messes up it affects the whole team. All the girls on the squad must get along and learn how to work well with one another. In order to go out ...

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