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Changes Taking Place In The 1800's

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When you look back in the hands of time during the 1800's you would
have noticed a big change that was sweeping across the nation in order to
change the corrupt society they where living in. This is called the
Progressive-Movement. The changes that happened in the Progressive-Movement
era still is in effect today. In this essay I will bring to your attention
a few reforms that happened in the late 1800's and early 1900's that are
toady's laws.
The work place back in the late 1800's was not anything like it is
today, and the reason why is because of the progressive movement. Before
the progressive movement there where no workman's compensation, nor where
their any child labor laws. The ways business ran back then was, the owner
of the factory got richer. And if you did not like working there or if your
got hurt, got out of the way so some one else can take their place. Until a
group of upper class men and women had an idea to help the common worker.
Theses people where the progressives. Changing the way of business back
then was not an easy task, for the most part their was a laissez-faire
system or a hands- off approach to the way of business. The main theory
states that if government would not mess with them by making laws, the
strongest business will succeed and bring wealth into the whole country.
True the strongest business did bring in wealth to the country, but the
problem was, the working conditions. Some workers had to work in conditions
that most of us can never think of. Working in dark, damp and cold
buildings for 12-18 hours a day and some workers had to go on 24 hour
shifts once a week. Imagine working that long with out having a break, also
their was many disasters waiting to happen. Now just think, what would
happen if you got sick, or hurt on the job? The answer was easy you where
fired and some one else would take your job, and you will be unemployed. If
you could not come back to work there would be no income for you or your
income. That is why the progressives wanted laws like an eight hour work
day, paid over time. Child labor laws, and a safe work place and many more.
Now in today's society almost every thing the progressives wanted are now
Also the role of government was also changing from the laissez-
faire system to the more hands on approach. Before the government would
not normally intervene with big companies monopolies. But now ...

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