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Celtic Invasions

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The Celtic way of life reflects the essence of a real world and a real people. Feasting, fighting and ritual boasting were typical of the Celts, who were an ancient people who controlled much of Europe and the British Isles for about 800 years. Though their world is now dead, their culture influenced a good part of the European Continent, and spread all the way from Ireland to the shores of the Black Sea. The Celt's barbarian like battle tactics determined their overall influence in European history. The customs, history and culture of the people involved in the were what determined the cause and outcome of the great conflict.
The Celts were a people of self-contradiction. They worshiped gods who lived in sacred groves, but their sacrificial offerings to these deities included human heads. They admired skilled craftsmanship and intellectual ability, but they were enthusiastic hunters and they fought each other at the hint of an insult. They always fought fiercely and often for the sheer joy of physical combat and competition.
This extreme desire to conquer is what drove the Celts to their numerous invasions and conquests. First, they conquered the Iberian Peninsula, which is present day Spain. Next, they went on to conquer the Etruscans, and then Rome. The Celtic chieftain ...

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