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Cd roms

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Cd roms

CD:ROM drives are the thing of the future. CD:ROMs are used in almost every computer around the world.

CD:ROM stands for COMPACT DISK READ ONLY MEMORY. That means that you can only read information off the disk. Three and a half disks are disks that you can read and wriye infromation from. Five and a quarter can do the same thing , but do not hold as much information. Five and a quarter disketts are very old. they stopped making those a while ago. In the ninteen ninty's they are totally outdated becaus of the lack of space they have and the lack of speed.

A CD:ROM can hold more information than both of them put together. CD:ROMs hold up to four hundred megabytes of information. That is about half of what an average hard drive holds up to today.

A hard drive is what all the information you install in to your computer goes. Inside a hard drive it looks like large CD:ROM , but this one is magnetic. If you open one up it will look like egular record player. The needle is what writes the information onto the hard drive. The needle writes by the magnetic force that pushes it down on to the disk. Once it is on the hard drive , whenever you turn on your computer the information is always there for you when you need it.

A CD:ROM looks like a music compact disk , but they are not that much alike. First a CD:ROM has a lot more information than a regular compact disk. A CD:ROM has audio as well as visual information. Second a CD:ROM stores more data in it. Third if you put a CD:ROM in a compact disk player the compact disk player would just sit there and act stupid. If you put a compact disk in a CD:ROM drive it would play the compact disk you put in it because the CD:ROM drive is taught to do that also. Fourth to record music onto a compact disk you would have to buy the equipment. The equipment for that operation would cost around two thousand dollars just for the cheapest one. That does not include the compact disks you need to record on. Those compact disks cost around eighteen dollars for a basic one length recording disk. If you want to go and record infofmation on a CD:ROM it wold be much more expensive. The only only people who do these kind of things are the people who write the the programs. there are also buisnesses who do this operation to send their inrormation to client and investors so they they know what is happening in the buisness because this is easier than putting it on paper because the CD:ROM disk is smaller and is easier to use. This hardware is much more expensive than an audio compact disk writer. This machine will cost you well over five thousand dollars.This is not including the CD:ROMs which are very hard to find. The CD:ROMs cost around twenty seven dollars for four hundrend megabytes.That's why only rich people and some bisnesses those machines.

CD:ROM drives have many parts that do many things. The fist part is the tray. The tray is the thing that that you put the CD:ROM on. Once it is on the tray the is usually a button that you press that makes it go in. When it is inside the CD:ROM drive it is taken off the tray.When it is inside a laser reads it. The laser is a low powered infra-red light. The laser ...

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