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Causes Of Divorces

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Today in America the divorce rate is growing as rapidly as the population. There are many causes of divorce such as culture clashes, unfaithfulness-adultery, too young when married, lack of communication, job interference, and in-law problems. Many effects that are seen from divorces are depression, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and a dysfunctional family.
In a marriage, a culture mix can cause an extreme stir up between the husband and wife as well as the children. Combining two different cultures raises many questions on how the kids should be raised, which customs are the correct ones to follow, and many more. The culture clash is not noticed nearly as much until it comes time to raise the children. The father wants the children raised with his culture, while the mother wants them raised how she feels is right. This flares up arguments between the husband and wife, and also causes tension for the kids. Together this can led itself to a family splitting up due to cultural differences.
A major and unpleasant cause of divorce is unfaithfulness between spouses. When one spouse commits adultery it can easily and quickly tear up a marriage. This could be due to lack of trust, lost of interest, or the cheating spouse choosing the "new" love. Being in this situation for either partner is never easy and when children are involved, the situation only becomes worse. Sometimes with counseling it can be worked through, but when it is not fixable deep hurt feelings are left behind for the innocent spouse to deal with.
When a young couple has fallen in love, often they will think that they are with the right person and will make an impulsive decision to get married. Granted that sometimes these young and inexperienced couples do make the correct decision, but more often they are not making a wise choice. After being married a few years they may fall out of love, realize this is not the person they want to be with forever, or find a new lover. Among young married couples divorce is very popular, mainly due to lack of experience and immaturity.
Lack of communication between two people can turn into a serious issue when the problem is not resolved. It can become severe enough to where a divorce is the only solution for the problem. Communication is a very important part of a couple's relationship. It is like tires on a car, the car can not properly function or move with out them. When you do not openly discuss issues with your spouse and instead you decide to keep them hidden, eventually you will end up exploding. For a marriage to be successful you must talk to your spouse about the problems both of you may be having, discuss how you both would like to raise the children, and let each other know ...

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