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Causes and solutions for teen

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Causes and solutions for teen

"Every 90 minutes, a teenager somewhere in America kills himself." (Brian LaRue, 1996). This figure is very astonishing and overwhelming when you take time to think about it. This essay will portray some of the warning signs that friends and families should be aware of and what a person should do to help a friend who is contemplating suicide. It will also consider the external and internal pressures and influences that might explain this growing phenomenon.

"Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain." (Teen Challenge, 1998). This pain could be derived from abuse, problems at home, pressures, exams, money, work, relationships or chronic addictions such as drugs and/or alcohol. The Teen Challenge Homepage (1998) stated that "Suicide doesn't just happen.... there are a series of events that occur, there are signs that are evident in these times that if noticed, can stop the waste of another life." These series of events are impossibilities or failures, such as problems at home or school, that feel overwhelming to the individual. The next step in this phase commences when the individual begins to feel emotionally broken, as if there is no one there that understands what they are feeling and going through. This leads to isolation with their thoughts and problems which is unhealthy because it gives them time to ponder over all of their worries. Eventually, if the problem goes unnoticed by friends or family members, it can lead to suicide (Teen Challenge, 1998).

What, you may ask, is going on in the head of a suicidal teen when he/she decides to kill himself/herself? They may be thinking of pressures such as the widespread use of alcohol and other drugs unheard of 40 or 50 years ago. These adolescent want to "fit in" and be part of "the group." Another problem that may arise in their troubled thoughts are family problems at home, troubles at school with their teachers and/or peers, the thought of writing an exam that they have been dreading, or money difficulties. The worst frame of mind for an attempted suicide is when all of the individual's problems seem to come crashing ...

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