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is a well known religion in the world. The perishes usually come together for worship on Sat. and Sundays for what they call Mass. It is always done the same way in every Catholic church. Mass last about 45 minutes and then all depart from the church and return tot he daily schedules.
The church is always open for perishners to come in to confession. Usually the person will make an appointment with the Priest and then come in. After confession the perishner is asked to do penants such as 10 Hail Mary's or maybe 10 Glory Bes.
The church beleifs in one baptism. Each year they do a renewal of baptismal vowls but they only requir sprinkly of water.
If one is interested in becoming Catholic then that person could contact their local Catholic Church and began taking instruction from a Priest or Sister.

The church is a very Holy place and it is taken very serious. There is a lot of praying ...

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