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Catcher in the ryes holden cau

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Catcher in the ryes holden cau

Happy endings offered throughout novels are results of spiritual reassessments or moreal reconciliation of specific characters. Considered as a more relaxed novel, Catcher in the Rye catches the spirit of the reader with its moral reconcilliation, defining the book's meaning as a whole.

Holden Caufield serves as the protagonist in the novel by J.D.Salinger, Catcher in the Rye. Holden trudges through the book lonely, making assumptions of everyone's characters. Every character in this novel according to Holden is a "phony." However, this poses the questions, "what defines a phony in Caulfield's mind, and what exactly is Salinger trying to get across to us, as the reader?" Holden's representation of the complex teenage mind allows an insight of how an average 15-17 year old thinks. Holden is troubled by the perplexed ways society is working around him. Take for example, his obsession with the ducks in the pond, and his constant worry for them, and constant want to protect them. What is this telling us? Holden doesn't like the way society works, and wants to be the "catcher in the rye," protecting society's children from it's evilness and corruption, keeping them safe. Holden has an ephiphany during the novel as he passes the elementary school halls and ...

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