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Cary grant

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Cary grant

Cary Grant

Perhaps the most dashing of all Hollywood film stars, Cary Grant stole the hearts of

millions of audience members during his 40 years of acting.

Born Archibald Alexander Leach on January 18,1904 in Bristol England, he was the only

child of impoverished parents Elsie and Elias. At the age of nine he lost his mother when

she was institutionalized at Fishpond's Country Home for the Mental Defectives. Around

that time, he developed a love for the English music hall and began working at odd jobs at

the Hippodrome and Empire theaters. At 14, he joined the Bob Pender comedy troupe and

honed his dancing, acrobatic, stilt-walking and pantomime skills. The troupe performed in

small towns throughout England; in 1920 they sailed to the United States for a successful

two-year tour, at the end of which young Archie decided to try it on his own in New York

City. For five years, Leach found employment in jobs as varied as placard walker and

society escort. In 1927, he made his first stage appearance in the musical Golden Dawn,

followed by appearances in Boom Boom in 1929, A Wonderful Night also in 1929, and

Nikki in 1931. In 1931, Leach appeared in his first film, a ten-minute short ...

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