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Carpal Tunnel Reaction Paper

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CONTENT: I read several articles on the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, and I realized this painful health issue is preventable. If not preventable, the injury can certainly be minimized. In my reading, each article said that keeping healthy and exercise can relieve the symptoms of carpal.

AHA: From my reading, I found that exercising fingers and wrists, taking frequent breaks, and varying tasks can minimize injury. Watching your posture and form, while setting at your desk, can relieve the pressure on your fingers and wrists. Alternate tasks and try not to repeat tasks for long periods of time. If your fingers, wrists, or hands ache, change position, switch tasks, and check your form. DON'T SUFFER IN SILENCE!

HUH: It is all well and good to have all of these preventative measures ...

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Keywords: wrist tunnel syndrome

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