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Care of Older People

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Social Issues

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Are Needs Of Older People Adequately Catered For? What Could Be Done To Improve Care For The Elderly?

by Y. Stets

Unfortunately, the short answer is no, they aren't properly catered for. Even though living to ripe old age may seem nice, it brings a large number of problems that we have yet to deal with. In order to give my suggestions on what can be done to improve care for the elderly, I need to name the main problems they face. One of the problems is the burden of financing care for elderly is falling on a reduced percentage of the population. There is a steady trend towards smaller families which means a smaller number of people to pay for nursing homes, homecare, meals of wheels and so on. The way to improve that is to start saving in advance with personal pension schemes as early as possible, else it will be hard for us to cope with. Unfortunately, as for the current situation, investment is the only way.

Other problem I?ve seen is the elderly not receiving enough medical care, it can be due to the financial reason ...

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