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Captivity Story

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Police in Austria have went to a cellar where a man had supposedly held his daughter captive for 24 years, during that time he may have fathered seven children by her.
The basement area had a very narrow hallway and several rooms, said Franz Polzer, .
'Authorities accessed the area after the father told them how to unlock a hidden door using a code only he had known.'
Detectives say Elisabeth Fritzl had been missing since August 29, 1984.
Now aged 42, the woman was found after a tip to police. Her 73-year-old father Josef Fritzl has been arrested and is being held in custody.
"It means they have a better idea of what Elisabeth Fritzl was going through.' But it also means the father is talking to police."
The case came to known after one of the children was taken to hospital , 19-year-old Kerstin, was said by police to be "gravely ill".
Elisabeth told police her father began sexually abusing her when she was 11 and he locked her up in a room in the cellar on August 28, 1984.
During the 24 years ...

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