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Canadians, And Why They Should Be Banned From America

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Canadians are an evil race of people who do not believe in unity,
harmony, or the respect of other countries borders, namely the U.S. border.
If you agree read on, if not, continue anyway. In this essay I hope to
persuade you, the reader, to fear and hate the abomination that has been
brought upon the world, that is right I am referring to our northern
neighbors the Canadians.
First and foremost I would like to talk about the problem of
Canadian unification. The Canadians cannot keep their country together;
this is due to widespread resentment of each other and their government.
The Canadian province of Quebec has tried many times to secede from the
nation of Canada. The Quebecans, which are Canadian (currently) have a very
large problem with unifying. They have their own official language, French,
which subsequently causes all the signs in Canada to be in both French and
English. If the Canadian government were stronger and not a Socialist one
then they would be able to keep their people in line. The Canadians also
have a very high immigration rate to the U.S., this is attributed to the
fact that the people are unhappy living with each other thus causing
hatreds and enemies within the country thus destroying the very idea of
unity within the Canadian borders.
Canadians also have a huge problem with falling in line with other
countries. They resent international harmony and that is why they must
little differences in their country, that way they can not join the rest of
the world in one total earth government. Many countries nowadays are
becoming democracies. Why? These countries realize that although the system
isn't perfect it is ...

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