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Canada 2

The Physical Regions of Canada

Canada is divided into six regions. The regions are the Atlantic region,

the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River region, the Shield region, the Plains

region, the Cordillera region, and the North region. Each of these

different regions all have their own special traits which make them unique

from the others. Things such as area, population density, economy,

resources, etc. divide the regions and give them the identity they have.

In the Atlantic region are the provinces of New Brunswick,

Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Quebec.

This region was first settled by Aboriginals, but today only 5% of the

tribes are still around.

The size of the provinces in this region is quite small, yet their

population density is the highest in all of Canada. This is because there

are a lot of people in a small area. These people's number one natural

resource has been fishing. Since they live right on the coast of the

Atlantic ocean, its no wonder why.

This region has impacted Canada because they supply the country

with revenue from the fish industry, as well as their abundant forest

industry. However, because of differences in culture and lifestyles the

people in this region have and that of the rest of the country,

stereotypes have arisen, and this hasn't helped in uniting Canada as a


The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River region consists of Ontario and

Quebec. It is split into two parts by a thin arm of the Canadian Shield.

This region is where the majority of Canada's population is centered.

Canada's two most populated cities, Toronto and Montreal, are set in this


Moreover, this region is excellent for agriculture, as it has good

soil, a great supply of fresh water, and a long growing season. This

region affects Canadian unity because it is a key area for manufacturing,

and it is recognized for its dense population.

The largest region in area is the Shield region. It covers more

than half of Canada and includes parts of the Northwest ...

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