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Caborn geography

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Caborn - geography


The topographic map that is the study area is the Caborn quadrangle. This area is located in the southwest area of Indiana and on the south is bordering the Ohio River. The topography of this area is pocketed with gently rolling hills with the largest depression in the land just north of the Ohio River with Goose pond located in the center of it. This study area is located in the Wabash lowland of Indiana and its bedrock consists of mainly of shale and sandstone. There is also a thin layer of bedrock consisting of limestone, clay and coal.

There are three major routes of transportation through this area which are the Ohio River, the railroad, and highway 62. The Ohio River in the southern area of the study region is one of the main transportation routes. The Southwind Maritime Center is a river port located on the Ohio River and is located on the west side of the map. This port is a state-of-the-art river port with advanced material handling technologies. The port is specifically designed to handle in or out bound container cargo. The port is also a designated Foreign Trade Zone providing advantages to companies in this area involved in international trade. This Port is more than 740 acres and is home to a wide variety of companies. The Southwind Maritime Center is also easily accessible by railroad and a four-lane freeway as shown on map where they are located just north of the port. The railroad as shown ...

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