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Byzantine Empire

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Byzantine mosaics were made to replace painting at that time. It was made by 3 forms which are antiqueness, oriental and Christianity. These 3 forms created mosaic and since that on, it had been really popular and was now the face of the Byzantine world. These mosaics were first used at the churches, both Eastern and Orthodox because Christianity was one of their forms of creating Byzantine Mosaics. In the Byzantine World, mosaics were symbolized as the presence of the Holy Spirit which they admired at churches. People really like mosaics because it was brighter in color and it was better than paintings and so people started making more mosaics. The impact of the mosaics is that people started to use them more often at churches and wealthy houses and they can spread to more countries. At this time the most popular piece of art was the Byzantine Mosaics from all the mosaics ...

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