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Businesses in canada

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Businesses in canada

Businesses in Canada

Technological changes today, and in the near future, will be the greatest influence on Business as we know it. With the development of computers and robots, the requirements for many industries will fill up extremely quickly. By having machines to perform complex and monotonous operations by humans, industries will seek out their aid and most likely affect the emplyoment rate both ways. There is no question that many individuals will lose their jobs but at the same time new options will arise. An example would be the development of the Telstat Telecommunications satellite which opened the door for many unemployed citizens who possessed the key ingredient to hold down such a job. This ingredient would be based upon Toffler's thesis that information is the most valuable aspect our lives and that wealth is insignificant compared to the rewards of knowledge. There is an abudance of positions available to Canadians that cannot be completed by computers (at least, for the time being) and therefore, our standard of living and quality of life will not be depleted. Technology will either be the blessing or curse for society in the future, and depending on the position of our government, will we be able to make sure that our standard of living does not decrease. The deficit poses a severe problem in a country littered will such vast natural resources and a high education level in its populace.

The presence of inflation in the cost of goods will not profit private businesses if they are unable to compete with the demand from the public. With major corporations seeking to gain from an increase ...

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