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Business Process Engineering

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Business Process Engineering

Benetton's formula has been to establish a global franchise operation with very strict standards of control of products, supply. Presentation and stocking in stores. By rethinking the manufacturing process so that garments are dyed as the last step in the manufacturing process so that garments are dyed as the last step in the manugfacturing process, Benetton has minimized variation in manufacture and considerably shortened the supply chain. Further, by making heavy use of information technology, the company has been able to use EPOS information in over 7000 stores worldwode as replenishment orders for manufacturers of products that they have sought to make as uniform as possible worldwide.

These can be use to improve their core vusiness processes, they have been able to use improved capabilities to launch new products, taking advantage of these enhanced capabilities.

Delivery reliability through supply chain management for Wal-Mart

Bell Atlantic : Payment Processing Reengineers
improving customer service and streamlining operations
That reality is an advanced high speed remittance image processing system which is currently saving Bell Atlantic more than $2 million annually in processing costs and has improved overall quality by seventy percent, reduced administrative costs by twenty-five percent while processing more than eleven million payments per month. And that's not all. Bell Atlantic reports customer disputes have been cut by nearly two-thirds while the six payment centers have become two system sites providing backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Bell Atlantic also has seen a dramatic reduction in the item processing cost structure, as well as the total length of processing time and month. What's even more impressive is that they have accomplished all this while reducing staffing levels by almost a third.
Bell Atlantic endured the disparate systems for six years before searching for a new high speed remittance image processing ...

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