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Does it hurt to move your arm? Is it tender and radiating pain to your neck and
finger tips? Do you have a fever? If you answered yes to two or more of these
questions then you may have typical joint injury called . is an
inflammation of the bursa that is easily prevented, detected and treated.
Bursitis is a common condition that can cause much pain and swelling around an
affected bursa. A bursa is a sac between body tissues that move against each
other. They are filled with a lubricating liquid to minimize the fiction between
the tissues. The bursa are found mostly in joints between skin and bone or bone
and tendons. When you irritate these lubricating sacs, the bursae fill with
fluid and become irritated and inflamed. This inflammation causes severe pain
with movement of the joint, often limiting the movement of the affected area.
Bursitis commonly strikes in the shoulders, elbows, knees, pelvis, hips or
Achilles tendons. Bursitis can affect nearly anyone for any number of reasons.
It affects mainly adults both male and female. The individuals most at risk are
people who engage in excessive and improper stretching and people who are
involved heavily in athletic training. Bursitis can be caused by many things.
For one, it can be caused by injury or overuse ...

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