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Buddhism is recognized as one of the great religions of the world. To call Buddhism a religion by itself would do injustice. Buddhism is a school of moral thoughts and principles as well as a religion to worship. Unlike other religions Buddhism's' sole purpose is not to worship a god or gods, it is only to preach the thought of spiritual development which leads to kindness and wisdom. Throughout this paper I will discuss the history of Buddhism, the Basic Tenants of Buddhism and its brief history, as well as information on the modest Buddha who teaches spiritual development. The religion of Buddhism began about 563 BC, which is about 500 years before Christianity even started. Buddhism began in India where a scholar named Siddhatta Gotama (known as Buddha) wrote a religious doctrine that focused on being spiritual with one self as opposed to worshipping a god. Buddha meaning "one who is awake" is a scholar who preached Buddhism to all of his followers first starting in Northern India. In his teachings Buddha praised mediation and reflection in order to see enlightenment in kindness and well being. To him this was a natural law that everybody should want to follow in his or her path through life. Buddha wanted to be known as someone who taught others kindness and wellness, he never wanted to be a god like others did in different religions. He just wanted to be known as a man who transformed himself, and in turn set out to transform others. In Buddhism there are several basic beliefs to be learned and followed. These beliefs are from past experiences that Buddha went through in his life and now teaches to others. I will list the major points and then give a brief explanation of what each means. 1. All existence is suffering The first belief All existence is suffering explains what if suffering in life. For instance birth, old age, illness and death are all elements of suffering. These elements of suffering would be considered non-fulfilling desires in suffering. The suffering of lamination, grief, pain and affliction is connecting with being unloved. This is usually means that are separated from what you love and now have the suffering from having a sense of thinking you are unloved. 2. Objective and Subjective Existence In Buddhism one is to understand how real the world is. For instance his/her birth is known due to his existence, but one is to grasp the organs it has because of birth. A nose that smells, and eye that sees, and a tongue that tastes are all because of birth and an individual of formed and uses these organs and senses in life. This would be an objective perception in Buddhism. One who understands we would not have these items if there were no use for these items would be looking at this idea subjectively. This is just bringing out the sense of realism in religion. 3. The Cycle of Rebirth and Karma One thing fairly unique about Buddhism is the concept of birth, life, death, rebirth and on and on and on. In Buddhism only the kind goes on to re-birth as a human the rest can go into re-birth as an animal, denizen of hell, or a hungry ghost. . Thus only humans and Hindu Gods can go on to teach Buddhism in their new life. Buddhism is also different from other religions in ...

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