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Euro-Regional Capital

Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and it borders the cities of Ypres, Ghent, Bruges, and Antwerp. Its absolute location is 50.85030 N, 4.35170 E (?Brussels Geography?). Brussels is in the central part of Belgium that lies between the rugged terrain of the Ardennes to the south and the lowlands of Atlantic oceanfront. The city has relatively mild maritime climate influenced by its proximity to the North Sea with summer temperatures of above 70 ?F and winter temperatures of below 32 ?F. In addition, the region has high rainfall annually with rare snowfalls.

In the 10th century, Brussels was known as Bruocsella, which in the Old Dutch means 'settlement in the marshes.? It is located on the Senne river and on the east-west economic route linking towns on the Rhine with Bruges and Ypres. The further expansion of Belgium's canal system, ...

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