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Boxing should this unjustified sport be banned

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Boxing - should this unjustified sport be banned

Boxing has always been a sport surrounded with controversy. It is known for its brutal nature, pitching two athletes against each other and allowing them to battle each other until one gain advantage over his opponent by rendering him unconscious. Yet this brutal sport still manages to attract countless fans despite its inherent danger which proved deadly in many occasions. So is it time then for the civilized world to put an end this unjustified sport?

Hundreds of boxers have died due to brain damage as a result of taking multiple hard blows to their heads. Medical evidence suggests that boxers risk long term brain damage due to cumulative haemorrhaging of the blood vessels surrounding the brain. A British Medical Association (BMA) spokeswoman showed her concern by asking: "How many more brain-damaged boxers do there have to be before boxing is banned?". The BMA is an association that has been trying to outlaw boxing since 1982. It claimed that boxing is a morally wrong sport which has been designed to intentionally to cause damage in the boxers' brains. However, its pleas have largely fallen on deaf ears and were also criticized by many. The only country, which called for boxing to be banned so far, is Iceland.

Another reason to support why boxing should be outlawed is the negative influence it has over the younger generation. According to an article from 'American Sociological Review', in a study attempting to discover whether mass media violence triggers additional aggressive behavior, it is proven that laboratory subjects exposed to violent material on film tend to behave more aggressively than those who are not exposed to such material. As children are very impressionable, they tend to emulate whatever they see on television and watching boxing on television might encourage aggressive behavior among them. Some of these children may also regard boxers as their role models and grow up wanting to be boxers too. This is contradictory because as an article from 'Boxing and Society' noted, none of the professional boxers the author of this article met were eager to have any of their children embark on ...

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