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Bosnia 2


The war in Bosnia-Herzegovina began in 1992. It has left at least a quarter of a million people dead or missing and made refugees of more than half the nation's population. A Treaty was signed on December 14, 1995 in Paris to formally end Bosnian War. It was signed by the presidents of Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia as well as other international heads of state. Bosnian Serb nationalists were absent because they would have been arrested of war crimes and genocide if they came to Paris. France signed the agreement two days after two of its pilots shot down over Bosnia during the summer were released by their Serb captors. France threatened unspecified consequences if the men were not released.

The three major ethnic groups of Bosnia- Herzegovina are Muslim, Serb, and Croat. Serbs make up 32% of the population, Muslim 44%, and Croat 17%, and ...

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