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Body Piercing will you conform

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Body Piercing will you conform

People claiming that they are expressing thier individuality throught body piercing need to take a reality check. Everyone these days is putting rings and spikes in every conceivable body part these days. In fact hat wasonce a form of rebellion is now a simple reproduction of and underground society. Body piercing has gone from mild to medium to wild.

Perhaps you've noticed the new fashion trend. The average youth today has at least one form of piercing ranging from earrings to genital rings. One of the piercing uproars of the eighties involved men's piercings. The question of which ear to pierce became the controversy. In the gay community piercing the right ear meant that you were a homosexual. The gay society was very much in the closet at this time. Men piercing thier ears were not taken well by many members of society. Eventually it became a norm as it was slowly coppied.

Each generation needs to create a superior extreme weather it be clothing, styles, music or, oh yes you guesses it 'body art'. So here comes the nose ring, and extreme for a while attention fetching, absolutely, did it stay on top, absolutely not! The next step up the extreme ladder was the naval ring. It was different from the ...

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