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Bless me ultima

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Bless me ultima

Talfud once said that, ?Men see in their dreams only that what is suggested by their own thought.? In Bless Me Ultima, the passage after Narciso's death is crucial in understanding that Antonio processes his conflicts in his dreams. This passage is key for the understanding that Antonio's dreams are his way of processing his conflict between the Catholic God and the Golden Carp. With the processing of Antonio's conflicts, Anaya uses extremely vivid imagery to help us understand the meaning of this passage

This Passage is key in realizing Antonio resolves his conflicts between the Catholic God and the Golden Carp. The Catholic God refuses to let Antonio in to heaven during his dream because he worships the golden carp before God. God deems that ?I can have [one] who has golden idols before [me]? (165) thereby forbidding Antonio from heaven because he had an idol, the golden carp, before God. God does not forgive Antonio because he is a ?not a God of forgiveness? but when he does offer forgiveness God claims that Antonio must ask for Tenorio's forgiveness also. ?No! No! I cried, it is Narciso that you must forgive,?(65) Antonio refuses the idea that he, Narciso and Tenorio could all be in heaven together. While Narciso was protecting Ultima from Tenorio, Tenorio claimed that she had put a curse on Tenorio's three daughters who were each slowly dying. After Antonio yells at God and the Virgin for wanting him to ask for forgiveness for Tenorio, too, God decides to burn the entire village for their sins. The Golden Carp comes after the fires of ...

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